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We will have vacuum tubes which are not on this list as we are always adding to our stock. If you have special needs, or need something that's not listed or a particular brand of tube, please send us an email with your request. Special pricing may apply.

The list below will be updated as often as possible. As of  8/15/05 it is current, however we have tubes coming and going all the time. If you don't see what you need or if you have any questions please send us an email. We also have some pulls and used tubes in stock that we haven't listed yet, we will get them up as time permits.

Prices quoted are for brand of our choice. Some brands, and date of manufacture will increase the cost. Send us an email with your needs and we will send you a quote.


A = Amperex

GM = GM Delco

MOT = Motorola


AR = Arvan

IC=International Service Master

MU = Mullard

RE = Realistic

B = Bendix

H = Hoffman

N = National Electronics

SE = Sears

CR = Crosley

HY = Hytron

NOS = New Old Stock

SH = Shield


ITT = International Telephone and Telegraph

NU = National Union

Sil = Silvertone

C = Chief


PA = Panasonic

SON = Sonotone

DU =Dumont

K = Keldon

P = Philco

S = Sylvania

E = Emerson

LA = Lafayette

PH = Philips

TS = Tung - Sol

G = Guardian

L = Lindal

RAU = Rauland

W = Westinghouse

GE = General Electric

M = Magnavox

RAY = Raytheon

Z = Zenith


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Tube Number Brand Condition Price ea.
6AB4 H NOS 3.31
6AB7 CBS, RCA NOS 4.80
6AC7 AR, TS NOS 2.65
6AC10 RCA NOS 5.07
6AD10 RCA, S NOS 8.19
6AF3 S, W NOS 2.65
6AF4 S, TS NOS 3.58
6AF4A TS NOS 3.58
6AF9 L, S NOS 5.64
6AG5 RCA, S, TS NOS 2.43
6AG7 GE, RCA, S, TS, W NOS 5.24
6AG11 S NOS 4.28
6AH4GT S NOS 3.58
6AH6 GE, RCA, S, TS NOS 3.25
6AK5 GE, P, RCA, S, TS, W NOS 2.76
6AK6 S NOS 2.76
6AK10 S NOS 3.97
6AL3 / EY88 GE NOS 3.53
6AL5 CBS, GE, RAY, RCA, S, TS, W NOS 2.65
6AM8A GE, RCA, S NOS 4.35
6AN4 RCA NOS 3.58
6AN8 S NOS 4.85
6AN8A S NOS 4.85
6AQ5 AR, S, RAY, RCA, TS NOS 7.84
6AQ5A / 6HG5 GE NOS 3.53
6AQ6 GE, RCA (JRC), S NOS 2.69
6AQ8 / ECC85 S NOS 11.38
6AR5 CBS, RCA, S NOS 7.90
6AS5 RCA, S, TS NOS 2.43
6AS6 GE NOS 2.79
6AS7 S NOS 2.92
6AS8 S, TS NOS 3.20
6AS11 W NOS 3.64
6AT6 DU, S NOS 2.43
6AT6 / EBC90 A NOS 2.03
6AT8 /A GE, RCA, S NOS 3.58
6AU5GT GE, RCA, S, TS NOS 4.80
6AU6 TS, W NOS 3.14
6AU6 / 8425 W NOS 3.14
6AU6A A, RCA, S, W NOS 3.14
6AU8 /A GE, H, RCA, S, TS NOS 4.65
6AV6 GE NOS 2.61
6AW8A / 6AW8 W NOS 3.36
6AW8A GE, L, RCA, RAY, S NOS 3.36
6AW8 AD, RAY NOS 3.36
6AX3 RCA, S NOS 2.69
6AX5 RCA NOS 3.75
6AX8 RCA, TS, W NOS 4.24
6AY3 S NOS 2.93
6AZ8 GE, S, W NOS 8.26
6B10 S NOS 4.84
6BA6 S NOS 3.47
6BA8A GE, S, TS, W NOS 5.64
6BA11 RCA NOS 4.19
6BC5 RCA, S, TS, W NOS 3.09
6BC5 / 6CE5 S NOS 3.09
6BC7 S NOS 3.09
6BC8 TS NOS 4.05
6BD6 W NOS 1.68
6BE3 S, W NOS 4.05
6BE6 AR, GE, RAY, TS NOS 3.09
6BF5 DU, S, TS, W NOS 2.87
6BF6 GE, RCA, S, TS NOS 2.48
6BF11 S NOS 5.76
6BG6G RCA NOS 6.85
6BH6 RCA, S, TS NOS 3.80
6BH8 ITT, GE, S, TS NOS 3.20
6BH11 S NOS 3.97
6BJ6 GE, RAY, RCA, S NOS 2.92
6BJ7 GE, S NOS 2.37
6BK5 GE, RAY, RCA, S, TS NOS 1.94
6BK7B GE, S NOS 4.19
6BL7GTA S NOS 5.93
6BL8 / ECF80 RCA NOS 3.97
6BM8 TS NOS 8.26
6BN4A S, W NOS 3.47
6BN6 GE (JG), RCA NOS 3.47
6BN6 / 6KS6 S NOS 3.47
6BN8 GE, RCA, S NOS 7.22
6BN11 S NOS 6.55
6BQ6GTB / 6CU6 IC, RCA, S NOS 2.87
6BQ7A GE, RCA, W NOS 2.76
6BQ7A / 6BZ7 S NOS 2.76
6BR8 /A S, TS NOS 4.24
6BR8A / 6FV8A RAY NOS 3.69
Tube Number Brand Condition Price ea.
6BS8 S NOS 4.24
6BU8 RAY, RCA, S NOS 3.58
6BV8 GE NOS 4.35
6BV11 RCA NOS 5.24
6BW4 RCA NOS 3.09
6BW8 C, GE, RAY, S NOS 2.43
6BW11 L NOS 3.53
6BX6 P NOS 2.43
6BX6 / EF80 MU NOS 2.43
6BY5GA RAY, S NOS 2.59
6BY6 RAY, S NOS 3.45
6BY8 CBS, RCA, S NOS 2.70
6BZ6 S, W, Z NOS 4.35
6BZ7 CBS, GE, RAY, RCA, S, W NOS 3.53
6C4 ITT, RCA, S NOS 3.42
6C9 S NOS 9.03
6C10 A NOS 7.22
6CA4 Z NOS 9.97
6CB6 TS NOS 3.09
6CB6A GE NOS 3.09
6CD6G S, TS NOS 4.69
6CE3 - 6DE3 S NOS 3.47
6CE5 RAY NOS 2.65
6CE5 / 6BC5 W NOS 2.65
6CF6 RAY, RCA, S NOS 2.81
6CG3 W NOS 4.74
6CG3 / 6BW3 RCA NOS 4.74
6CG8A GE NOS 3.67
6CH8 RCA, W NOS 2.81
6CL6 GE, J-GE, RAY, RCA NOS 4.02
6CL8A GE, RAY, RCA, S NOS 3.75
6CM5 S NOS 10.77
6CM6 GE, RCA, S NOS 4.63
6CM7 SIL NOS 2.82
6CM8 S NOS 3.47
6CN7 CH, GE, RCA, S, TS, W NOS 3.47
6CQ8 GE NOS 3.75
6CR6 RAY, RCA, W NOS 1.94
6CS6 GE, RAU, RCA, S NOS 3.31
6CS7 RCA, S NOS 4.41
6CU5 GE, P, S NOS 3.14
6CU6 S NOS 2.87
6CU8 RCA, S, TS NOS 2.70
6CX8 RCA, S NOS 4.02
6CY5 TS NOS 4.35
6CY7 RCA NOS 2.94
6CZ5 GE, RCA NOS 6.55
6D10 RCA NOS 7.21
6DB5 S NOS 1.94
6DE4 S NOS 1.47
6DE6 S NOS 2.24
6DE7 RCA, S NOS 4.35
6DG6GT W NOS 2.76
6DK6 GE, RAY, RCA, S, TS NOS 2.87
6DN3 S NOS 3.97
6DN7 GE, S NOS 4.19
6DR7 RCA, TS NOS 4.63
6DS4 S NOS 11.09
6DS5 GE, RCA, S, TS NOS 2.37
6DT5 RCA, S, W NOS 2.43
6DT6 /A GE, RCA, S, W NOS 2.43
6DT8 W NOS 2.37
6DW4B RCA NOS 5.55
6DX8 / ECL84 Q, RCA NOS 3.53
6DZ4 RAY NOS 6.47
6EA5 RAY, RCA NOS 3.97
6EA8 GE, RCA, S NOS 4.47
6EB8 RCA NOS 5.87
6EC4A / EY500 RCA NOS 5.93
6EH7 / EF183 P, S, Z NOS 3.36
6EH8 GE, S NOS 2.70
6EJ7 / EF184 GE NOS 3.03
6EJ7 S NOS 3.03
6EM5 RCA, S NOS 4.02
6EM7 S NOS 5.59
6EM7 / 6EA7 L NOS 5.59
6EN4 RCA NOS 8.51
6EQ7 TS NOS 2.81
6ER5 RCA, S NOS 3.75
6ES5 GE, RCA, S, TS, Z NOS 2.05
6ES8 S NOS 5.87
6ES8 / ECC189 S NOS 5.87
6ET7 S NOS 2.37
6EU7 S NOS 14.15
6EU8 GE, MOT, RCA, S NOS 2.37
6EV5 RCA, S, TS NOS 5.94
6EV7 TS NOS 3.80
6EW6 L, W NOS 5.07
6EW7 S NOS 4.77
6EZ8 S NOS 3.36


California residents add 7.875% sales tax. Add $4.00 handling for orders under $25.00.  

Requests for specific brands and/or matched pairs or quads tubes may be available at additional cost. email


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